Different care for different type of hair

Babies are like teenagers  and adults who have different type of hair. Whether hair is thin, thick, curly, or practically nonexistent, as parents,  you will like  to run your fingers for doing wide  range of  baby hair care, right? The health of hair  for baby is as important  as other physical health. Some of you might like to see the first hair of babies grows to be longer, especially for girls, while other prefer to give short  hair to the infants, regardless of gender. Having baby looks like great chance to  mix and match more styles to hair and outfit. Unfortunately, humans are not  dolls, so don’t use your babies  as objects to  do what you like. Even though  you like  to  tie  hair  long of your daughter, but  most you know that  hair needs time to breathe. Sometimes, you must allows hair with no tie, so your daughter will also look different.

As moms, you all commonly like taking various kind of hair care to infants. No matter what you will do, but make sure if you will take different  care  to different  type of hair. If your loved one has no hair, should you clean his head  with shampoo? To avoid some common head issues, you can shampoo her twice   per  week. For the style, wearing cute baby hat  can protect her head from  the sun. While, if your baby grows with wispy and thin hair, different care is required. To shampoo, you  can take it twice every week, but don’t forget combing  the hair. Do it gently and avoid  wisps fall into baby’s ears or eyes. However, baby is very sensitive, so you must be careful during combing the hair. You can choose different style for either boy and girl.

For babies who are with  curly and thick,  it will be better using conditioner after shampooing once a week when the hair is too dry. Use special conditioner  for babies only  because it is made from ingredients which are safe. For good look,  boy is better with short hair-cute. On the  other hand, for girls, it is not bad  for section long hair into ponytails to keep it from tangling. So, how if some babies  have different type that is thick and straight hair? Some  people with different culture trust that shave even thick hair can  makes hair healthier, but frequent haircut  is not bad. When using smooth brush, the hair is able keeping smooth and shiny.

cutting hair is part of baby hair cares

You have bought product to comb  hair of your baby,  but are you rich of baby hair  care knowledge? If you  have  worries to cause damage on hair of your kid, now you can follow this  beneficial tips. Washing and combing are   known as  important element to care   babies’ hair,  but don’t forget to control the growth of the hair.  For infant, either girl or boy, it is better taking   regular hair cut. However, they must look so fresh, clean and happy.

If you let the hair goes to be long, it  is not good to look  of your infant. Due to you have  a fear for baby  haircut by own, I suggest you for coming to baby salon. Yes, there are  many trusted salons for caring of health  of hair for your baby. When cutting the hair , someone may not hurt babies because  it will make them cry and never want to take haircut anymore. Trust it to professional  only.

Protect hair of your baby from un-proper shampoo

Due to you are gaining more and more baby hair care, so now you are able reading this article. Hair  care relates to bathing and combing process, right? Due  to the needs of baby is different from adults, so make sure you choose right shampoo product only. There is difference between shampoo for adult and  baby. Commonly, adult shampoo  contain chemicals called anionics that can   produce more lather during someone washing the hair. Yes,  it can be very drying, but it will  not become  serious issue since  adult combines it with hair conditioner and other style products. No, never think to use adult shampoo for your infant.

While,  baby shampoos may claim to be tear-free. Baby shampoo is made  to protect   all babies getting problems in their eyes. To be smart parent, you all  should know   why   knowing and understanding   wide range of hair care for infants  become your responsibility.

Cleaning hair is part of baby hair cares

Most babies like what you do during bathing. Yes, he still needs help from adult to clean all areas of his body. That is why as smart mom, you must give best baby hair care. It can be done with many ways start from choosing best infants products up to giving best natural care for bathing. Even though baby has limited activities and movement, but clean hair will be their pride. Each baby will feel comfortable after you clean her or his hair, right?

There is easy to way to care and protect hair of your loved infant such as by taking shampoo savvy. If he doesn’t have any problems relating to skin condition, taking 1 up to 2 times per week to wash hair is enough. While, your baby has cradle cap, it means he has oily skin condition, so you can wash with baby dandruff shampoo two or three times a week after massaging a little olive to lose flakes.

Is hair fall serious problem for infants or babies?

Hair fall sometimes becomes serious problem  for  most moms.  When you are looking for right  baby hair care, it is better to know different cause  why your baby lose his hair. Most babies worldwide have  time to lose  the natural or first hair at the latest  in the   sixth month. If you still find hair fall in the next months, you can consult it  to medical expert. Hair fall of infants   can be caused by some factors  including high hormones level before a birth.


Due  your  baby  goes to  grow time to time, you will find  time where he or she loses their hair. When losing hair, it means he is  in phase known as “telogen”. Stress and fever can also cause spurt of hair fall apart from the hormonal changes. When  babies is suffering fungal infection that  commonly called as  tinea capitis, their hair might also fall. Yes, you must also know other causes of hair falls of babies.